When I feel my suffering there is no suffering, when I avoid my suffering there is suffering.
The conditions of ordinary life… are conditions of the attrition or the wearing out of the subject, and the irony that the labour of reproducing life in the contemporary world is also the activity of being worn out by it has specific implications for thinking about the ordinariness of suffering, the violence of normativity, and the “technologies of patience” that enable a concept of the later to suspend questions about the cruelty of the now
Lauren Berlan - Cruel Optimism (2011)
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When I’m concentrating really hard my face goes really red. I think it’s because I forget to breathe.

Cliteracy - “The ability to navigate the clitoris based on an understanding that is fundamental to the female organ.”

It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace
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It’s raining and that’s a good. thing. 

It’s raining and that’s a good. thing. 

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Mommy teaching babby easier water drinking way because drinking water is hard experience u get it in your nose. Jesus how she puts her paw on his head in the second one. Such concern and love.

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No snowflake ever feels responsible for the avalanche.
Actuality is when the lighthouse is dark between flashes: it is the instant between the ticks of the watch: it is a void interval slipping forever through time: the rupture between past and future: the gap at the poles of the revolving magnetic field, infinitesimally small but ultimately real. It is the interchronic pause when nothing is happening. It is the void between events.
George Kubler 
If you can only be tall by seeing someone else on their knees then you have a serious problem



Growing up, my most fond memories was visiting abandoned places with my brother.  To this day, if opportunity presents itself, I bring my camera and take a few pictures.  These are not my work ofcourse, but I hope you enjoy the visual beauty and maybe it brings fond memories of your own adventures.

Part II:

  1. Abandoned Construction of Nuclear Power Plant. Photo By brokenview
  2. Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium
  3. Jiancing Historic Trail in Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan. Photo By T.-C
  4. Abandoned theme park in nara dreamland, japan. Photo by michaeljohngrist
  5. Clock tower
  6. Old shack in a snow field, Idaho. Photo By James Neeley
  7. Abandoned terminal at Nicosia Airport. Photo By eyesfutur
  8. Milan, New Orleans. Photo By JustUptown
  9. Abandoned church in autumn. Photo by *CainPascoe
  10. Abanonded steam engine in Uyuni train cemetery, Bolivia. Photo By jimmyharris


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This is so awesome.

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